Unusual Experiences

Do you have a secret you are dying to reveal? Skeletons In My Closet is a forum for personal confessions, supernatural discussions, and other experiences you want to share. Remain anonymous and tell the world your inner thoughts.

The Beast within Your Mind

In the dark labyrinths of the human mind, we all have a curious beast dwelling in the shadows called a secret. No matter how fast you run or how far you go, you just cannot escape it. An unbelievable experience that is difficult to discuss, a parasite that has been hitching a free ride on your back for all this time. This is an anonymous place where you can express that energy without any feelings of guilt. Free up some mental storage space by letting your skeletons out of the closet. Submit your experience now or call us and tell us what you've seen, dial 1-970-SAW-UFOS (970-729-8367).